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Saturday, January 28, 2017


My goal is to retire at 67 (in 11 years) to be a songwriter.  That will be my new profession, and I am planning to do it without any expectation of earning money at it, but treating is as my second profession. So between then and now I have to simply learn how to use the software, how to sing play well enough to convey my compositional ideas with some elegance (eloquence), how to be a disciplined lyric writer, and that's about it.


I don't have to write more books of literary criticism after I retire.  I''ll have said what I needed to say.  If not, too bad.  The world will survive. Well, it might not, but it will not because I didn't write another book on Lorca.  Lorca: The Decentered Subject, will be the last of six books I "need" to write.


After a conversation in my tertulia I decided to can the subtitle.  My fifth book will be What Lorca Knew, with no colon and no subtitle.  Because I can.

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