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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Meditation and Freedom

Since meditation, in my limited experience, serves to sort things out, put trivial matters in their place, it also makes clear that certain judgments are arbitrary, and virtually all the meanings we attach to anything as well. I realize that I could own four or five shirts and be perfectly ok. Or I could own twice as many as I own. I don't have to eat meals that have labels like lunch or breakfast, but can simply eat when I want according to plans of my own devising.  To act freely in the highest sense we have to be doing what we really want. Voluntary actions that seem constrained by arbitrary limits and meanings simply do not feel as free.

This is the link between meditation and my desire for my poetry, and everything else I do in relation to it, to be motivated by imaginative freedom and not arbitrary meanings. For example, I could call something a song lyric and therefore not think of it as a poem, or vice-versa. I could categorize something according to a private rule that I think serves a purpose, but really doesn't.


With my reprogramming I had some expected setbacks in March. I got very tired and had some days I didn't do much and lapsed back into old habits. This is to be expected, though.

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